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Chocolate Preset

Chocolate Preset


Send photo of receipt  | Send a photo of the receipt to the email:


If you live in Guatemala, you can make your purchase  (Q.80) by bank transfer or deposit  to the following account number: 


Monetary Bac Account


Maria Fernanda Lacayo 


Industrial Bank Account  Monetary


Maria Fernanda Lacayo 


Banrural Account  Monetary


Maria Fernanda Lacayo  



  • Detalles

    Chocolate is an INDIVIDUAL PRESET that will add brown and chocolate tones to your photos.

    The preset modifies your photos  in a matter of a click, however within the app you have the option to customize it by adjusting the light, temperature, contrast, and each color individually.

    The DNG file of the preset  will be sent to your email  email once payment is  received, along with a download and installation guide.

  • Policies:

    Because they are digital files, once the presets are sent, no changes or refunds will be made under any circumstances, because the product cannot be returned. 

    The files do not have an expiration date, however you have to download them before the expiration date of the link (30 days) that will arrive in your email. 

    If you lose the original files, you will need to buy them again in order to get them.

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